EGM Chapter 2

– EGM Chapter 2
Isn’t it glorious!? Finally got these babies! 💙
They turned out great, I’m very happy with the print job.

You can purchase a copy on etsy, or save on shipping and buy it in person at Fan Expo Toronto!


NSM – Neo Sailor Moon and the White Paladin

– Neo Sailor Moon and The White Paladin
I’m really liking how this turned out, Helios makes a very cute tuxedo man! On his forehead is the symbol for the sun. Chibusa is in her upgraded eternal form – not longer Sailor Chibi Moon, she’s now the only Moon senshi!

Maybe I’ll use this for the cover of volume 2? At the very least it’ll be a cover for one of the chapters. Stay tuned for more work on Neo Sailor Moon, and Chapter 2 of Earth Guardian Mamoru is very close to finished!
🌙 🌕 ☀️ ⊙ ☾ 🎀 🌸

EGM – Fuku Chibis for Sailor Earth, Mars, and Jupiter.

Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Earth’s 5 different levels
– From Earth Guardian Mamoru

I decided to give the 5 arcs/seasons a more drastically different look between them. Hence why they differ from the original Sailor Moon outfits.
I especially wanted more differences between the rest of the team’s outfits. Jupiter and Mars here have subtle changes between each arc so she has 5 different forms rather than only 3.

EGM – Princess Eos and Prince Astraeus


– Princess Eos and Prince Astraeus

Finally finished colouring this one! Here are Mamoru and Kato’s secret, secret identities 😉 I had a lot of fun turning Princess Serenity’s dress into princely armor. This will probably be one of the extras in Chapter 2 💙

EGM – Cats Apollo and Solaris


– Finished Apollo and Solaris Cats
Meet the cats of Earth Guardian Mamoru! Here is Apollo on the left (cat guardian for Miyako/V) and Solaris (cat guardian for our heroine Mamoru).
Finally finished!
I wanted them more cat-like in their human forms, so gave them ears in addition to tails like Diana. Also! I will have them in their human form more often in EGM.

EGM Chapter 1 New prints and Chapter 2 Cover

I got a new printing of Earth Guardian Mamoru!!
The printing service I was using kept screwing up my orders, so I found a new one! They look so sleek and shiny! 💙

I’ll be selling them at Fan Expo this year, and you can buy them on my etsy for a smidge more than the other version.
Also! Here is the finished cover for Chapter 2! Which will be on the way, once I finish my prints for the convention.

Review of EGM from DeviantArt

Earth Guardian Mamoru?

(You can read the full review here)
“Most are fairly familiar with the legend. A lone, svelte and indignant warrior, fighting evil by moonlight in the shadows of Tokyo’s great metropolis: the heights, the depths and sprawl of the urban valleys witness to her singular destiny… But, in this, it’s been my keen pleasure to rediscover that tale – but not quite as we know. A lone warrior of the Earth, not the moon, and a form familiar, yet not…

In this, I found a remarkable and quite singular vision of another time and place, with characters similar and yet potently different. A new world, new forms and remarkable inversions abound in the doujinshi (fan manga) of the stellar :iconazure-and-copper: Azure and Copper – a gender swapped, rich re-imagining of Sailor Moon in “Pretty Guardian Mamoru – Book 1”.
The days of a certain girl named Mamoru Chiba – stoic, studious if a little isolated – seem somewhat ordinary until a mysterious white cat delivers not only a remarkable power but a strange new destiny: the legacy of a lost kingdom, and confronting the machinations of Abyss Queen Spinelle and her four generals. Not alone in this endeavor, she will hopefully gather allies, beginning with her trusty feline in Solaris , the blonde Moonlight Knight and others too who may awaken to a strange new destiny, as seen below…

Having followed this project for an admittedly short time, as I may confess, it seems to have a keen, compelling nature to it – and certainly one of the most invested and dynamic interpretations of the Sailor Moon canon I have seen in literally years. The artist crafting a genuinely rich and quite well textured tale in a familiar world, with vibrant and distinctly resonant characters to people a story which – I will relate – will endear to many a Sailor Moon fan. My pleasure to find in this a continuing series, the creator’s tumblr can be found here for work behind the scenes and conceptions of new stories… and here… addition, the doujinshi itself can be purchased from the artist’s Etsy account here, and for a very reasonable price towards an intelligent, diligently crafted and compelling work as this… – a copy of the very book itself found below for both the curious and the whimsical to consider.
tumblr_nubnloy36x1u0bpquo2_1280I hope that a good many will consider and entertain this intriguing iteration of the Sailor Moon continuity and that the artist will find it further within themselves to continue the nascent, vigorous adventures of Earth Guardian Mamoru, as they can.”


(…Thank you so much for this lovely review!! I was so happy and touched to read it, I just had to share it here on my website!)

EGM Sailor Mars Henshin


– Sailor Mars Transformation

Page 28 of Chapter 002 of Earth Guardian Mamoru.
This is Ritsu Kano becoming Sailor Mars, (based off of Jedite). She arrives in (the soon to come) chapter 2. I tried to go all out with a fiery transformation, I wanted the whole process to look infused with heat.
I’m having the team arrive in the same order than the shintennou do in the original. This means Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and then Venus.

Queen Theia


-Queen Theia, Ruler of the Golden Earth Kingdom

Filling the role of Queen Serenity, she’s the mother to Earth Princess Eos (AKA Sailor Earth, who would reincarnate as Mamoru Chiba).
You can probably tell that I based her look on Nehelenia, so the Dark Moon Queen Selene of arc 4 will look a lot like Queen Serenity ❤