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Arc 2 Villains

Dark Sage Carnelian
Original Character: Wiseman
King Carnelian of Nemesis
Element: Dark Energy, Distortion of Time and Space
Strength: Brain-washing, traps Weakness: Underestimates
Items: Black Crystal of Nemesis.
Formerly an evil convict of the ancient past that was banished and suspended in sleep, a spell Queen Theia cast as she refused to kill him. The planet was then marked as forbidden. He was awoken in the future, and returned to Earth for revenge, finding Theia’s daughter Queen Eos ruling. He cloaked himself as the Dark Sage and turned to the Moon Kingdom to look for discontented people to manipulate. He convinced a clan of rebellious nobles that their King’s life on Earth was an abomination, and treason against the ancient rules governing the Moon People’s secrecy from Earth. He lead them on an attack against Crystal Tokyo, brainwashing civilians to rebel. Queen Eos used her mother’s same sleeping spell on herself, and so he was unable to obtain the Golden Earth Crystal. Now they turn to Mamoru’s early time as Sailor Earth in order to steal it. He is later revealed to be a child of Chaos

Lady Nemesis
Myth: Nemesis was the Goddess of Retribution
Name: Mamoko Chiba
Original Character: Wicked/Black Lady, Helios
Element: Darkness and Earth
Hair: White Eyes: Amber
Colours: Black, blue-green
Strength: Relentless Weakness: Jealousy
Attacks: Dark Gravity
About: Evil version of Mamoko, wants to be independent and a grown lady. Brainwashes Apollo and Solaris to her side. Her forehead has a black Earth symbol then upgrades to the Nemesis symbol.

Nemisis ClanPrince Orcus
Myth: God of Death

Original Character: Sailor Pluto, Rubeus
Element: Death, Time
Hair: Black-green long Eyes: Maroon
Colours: Black, green, crimson
Strength: Intimidation Weakness: Cockroaches
Attacks: Orcus Dead Scream,
From the future. Formerly a Lord working against Queen Eos, originally from the Moon Kingdom, became brainwashed by Dark Sage Carnelion and his Nemesis Kingdom. He rises against his King Astraeus and attacks Earth. He is very intimdating, and has a strong sense of duty and loyalty. He is obsessed with Sailor Earth, and wants her as a bride. He is not a true Prince, but given that title by Carnelian. His love and strength make him stronger against the urge to obey Nemesis or Carnelian. He is the leader of the Nemesis Clan, and believes he rules the Nemesis Kingdom.

Myth: God of Harvest
Original Character:
Sailor Saturn, Sapphir
Element: Destruction, psychic
Hair: Black straight and shoulder length Eyes: Purple
Colours: Purple, black
Strength: Telekinesis Weakness: Becomes winded easily
Attacks: Silent Wall, Kronos Revolution
From the future. Formerly a general working against Queen Eos, brainwashed from the Moon Kingdom. He is extremely serious, silent and unnerving. Sees Orchus as an older brother figure.
Youma: “Mimas and Mimon” (formerly Auatici and Venetici)

Myth: Primordial god of the Heavens

Original Character: Sailor Uranus, Diamando
Element: Air, Space
Hair: Short Blond Eyes: Blue
Colours: Navy blue, gold
Strength: Snide Remarks Weakness: Possessive
Attacks: Aether Turbulence, Aether Typhoon
About: From the future. Formerly a commander working against Queen Eos. Brainwashed from the Moon Kingdom. He’s dating Ceto, but flirts with the Moonlight Knight.
Youma: The Four Spectre Sisters

Myth: Primordial Sea Goddess

Original Character: Sailor Neptune, Emeraude
Element: Ocean, Music
Hair: Teal Eyes: Blue
Colours: Teal, Blue
Strength: Leering, Psychic Weakness: Rats, bad smells
Attacks: Violin Tide, Amphirite Submerge
From the future. Formerly a general working against Queen Eos, brainwashed from the Moon Kingdom. He is in love with Aether, is sophisticated and perceptive. He harbours resentment for Orcus because he won’t let Ceto and Aether be together. Is later turned into a sea dragon.
Youma: A set of sea nymphs “Calypso and Erato” (look like Etna and Flonne, formerly Chircal and Achiral)

Nemesis Clan

Nemisis Clan

-Earth Guardian Mamoru’s Nemesis Clan

Here is the coloured version of the baddies for arc 2! They are the Nemesis Clan, all boys 😉 Even though Orcus (formerly Setsuna) has Rubeus’ outfit, he is the leader of the group. He has an obsession with Mamoru, and wants to steal her for himself.

Suzume Koyama/Sailor Saturn


Sailor Saturn
Name: Suzume Koyama
Meaning: Talkative Little Mountain
Intro: Guarded by Saturn, planet of Time. I’m the soldier of stone, Sailor Saturn!
Original Character: Rubeus
Element: Time, Ground
Age: 19
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Hair: Auburn wavy Eyes: Rust
Animal: Deer Stone: Ruby
Colours: Rust brown, Grey, Dark Green
Likes: History, studying, reading, gardening, playing piano, privacy, hiking, antiques
Dislikes: Being rushed, being embarrassed in public, surprises
Strength: Responsible Weakness: Claustrophobic
Dream: To be a professor and scholar
Henshin: Saturn Planet Power, Make up! Saturn Crystal, Power! Saturn Eternal Power, Make up!
Attacks: Shattering Fissure! Dire Time Stop! Dark Passage Close! Dread Chronos Disruption! Orb Shelter!
Personality: Can come across as over-confident, she is actually very studious and takes duty very seriously. Can be lonely, respects the rules, trustworthy. Has a wry sense of humour, seems steady but is quite moody. Can be too serious. She is very cautious and wise, with fits of melancholy. She is fearless when helping others, and always wants to be useful. Hard-working, and good at giving advice. She is patient and slow-moving. She is in her first year of university, and is a teacher’s aid.
Items: Saturnian Ring, Saturn Crystal Ring, Saturn Crystal Rosary, Saturn Time Scythe with Chronos Orb

Hitomi Yokan/Sailor Pluto


Sailor Pluto
Name: Hitomi Yokan
Meaning: Eye of Prophecy
Intro: Guarded by Pluto, planet of the Underworld. I’m the soldier of destruction, Sailor Pluto!
Original Character: Saphir
Element: Psychic, Death, Healing
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood type: AB
Hair: Straight indigo length Eyes: Black
Animal: Fox Stone: Sapphire
Colours: Black, indigo, purple
Likes: Secrets, psychology, science, puzzles, achievement, video games
Dislikes: Being analyzed, people who know more than she does, being hungry or weak
Strength: Healing Weakness: Secretive
Dream: To be a psychiatrist
Henshin: Pluto Planet Power, Make up! Pluto Crystal, Power! Pluto Eternal Power, Make up!
Attacks: Malefic Revolution, Grim Dimensional Wall, Gloom Mirage, Pluto Fatal Eradication
Personality: Mysterious, magnetic, mature. She has telekinesis powers, and sees spirits. She has visions- sometimes without any memory of them. She almost always appears calm, is protective and gentle with the sick. She is very intense, and multi-talented. She is unshockable, and loves to pry. She can be stubborn and suspicious. She is secretly passionately caring, emotional, and understanding.
Items: Plutonian Ring, Pluto Crystal Ring, Pluto Crystal Rosary, Pluto Death Key

Hiroka Sorano/Sailor Uranus


Sailor Uranus
Name: Hiroka Sorano
Meaning: Open Expanse of Sky
Intro: Guarded by Uranus, planet of the Wind. I’m the soldier of innovation, Sailor Uranus!
Original Character: Prince Demande
Element: Wind, Invention
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood type: B
Hair: Bobbed straight white Eyes: Grey
Animal: Hawk Stone: Diamond
Colours: White, blue, grey
Likes: Technology, computers, flying, driving, surprises, rebellion, playing flute, independence
Dislikes: Rules, emotional demands, being bored
Strength: Inventive, fast Weakness: Tears
Dream: To be an inventor, is a musical duo with Manami
Henshin: Uranus Planet Power, Make up! Uranus Crystal, Power! Uranus Eternal Power, Make up!
Attacks: Gale Slashing! Windbreak Turbulence! Whirlwind Symphony Revolution!
Personality: She is strange, clever and impressive. Very tough and independent, she leads the outer sailors. She has a rebellious streak, and loves to shock people. She crushes on Kato, but falls for Neptune. She is intuitive and a quick thinker, as well as a speed demon. She can be a daredevil, and aloof. She is completely unpredictable, and loves to analyze others. She’s always up for a mental challenge, and learning how things work. Despite this, she can be absent-minded.
Items: Uranian Ring, Uranus Crystal Ring, Uranus Crystal Rosary, Uranus Sky Sword

Manami Shimizu/Sailor Neptune


Sailor Neptune
Name: Manami(“Nami”) Shimizu
Meaning: True Wave of Pure Water
Intro: Guarded by Neptune, planet of the Sea. I’m the soldier of emotion, Sailor Neptune!
Original Character: Esmeraude
Element: Ocean, Emotion
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood type: O
Hair: Long wavy Turquoise Short Eyes: Seaweed Green
Animal: Seel Stone: Emerald
Colours: Seafoam, navy blue
Likes: Painting, swimming, singing, harp, cake, fans, fashion, scrying
Dislikes: Dirty/ugly places and personalities, team sports
Strength: Compassion, Intuition Weakness: Empathetic
Dream: To be a famous artist/musician
Henshin: Neptune Planet Power, Make up! Neptune Crystal, Power! Neptune Eternal Power, Make up!
Attacks: Purging Cascade, Deep Brine Misery, Renaissance Tide
Personality: Emotional, dreamy, creative and prone to sighing wistfully or infectiously giggling. She has very strong feelings for Uranus. She is psychic, seeing things by scrying in water. She can come across as cold at times. She has difficulty conforming, and is a romantic. Sometimes you can see her blushing and hiding behind a hand. Appears delicate and vulnerable but has surprising strength. She protects her sensitivity with humour or sophistication, and has a sympathetic heart. She will often blame herself when things go wrong.
Items: Neptunial Ring, Neptune Crystal Ring, Neptune Crystal Rosary, Sea Trident

Moonie Monthly

🌙 “Moonie Monthly” Sailor Moon Zine

Size: 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
Pages: 28
Binding: Blurb Magazine

– 10 years of original fan art of Sailor Moon characters (2007-2017)
– Pokemon Sailor Moon Trainer cards, as seen on Tumblr and other social media
– Exclusive images and information about Earth Guardian Mamoru – my gender swap Sailor Moon comic of Sailor Earth and the Moonlight Knight
– Images and information on my soon-to-come Neo Sailor Moon comic about grown up Chibiusa (Rini).
– Photos of my custom Sailor Moon dolls during the span of my doll repainting career.
– Plus more!

Now available to purchase on Etsy ▸ Here